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The Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing has been held since 2011. Learn more about previous editions below:

IX Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Peru, Virtual Seminar, October 27, 28 and 29, 2020

  1.  “The context of the fiscal decentralization process in Peru”/María Antonieta Alva.
  2. “Roundtable: Challenges of fiscal decentralization in Peru”/ Carlos Casas; Jorge Martínez Vasquez; Axel Radics; Teresa Ter-Minassian.
  3. “Subnational fiscal rules and the economic cycle” / Jaime Bonet, Javier Pérez y Diana Ricciulli.
  4. “The Political Economy of Municipal Borrowing in Chile”/ Leonardo Letelier y Tomás Solo Jara.
  5. “Decentralization and inequality: the role of the government’s quality”/ Juan Pablo Jiménez y Leonel Muinelo.
  6. “Comparative Study of the Conditions to Develop and Deepen the Access of Selected Large Subnational Governments in Latin America to Capital Financing for Urban Infrastructure”/ José Larios, Christine Martell, Andrés Muñoz y Axel Radics.
  7. “Public and private participation mechanisms for local governments in Ecuador”/ Verónica Gallardo Aguirre y Mauricio Trujillo León.
  8. “Scenarios for the reform of the Autonomous Spanish Communities funding systems”/ Núria Bosch y Maite Vilalta.
  9. “Tell me your neighbors’ tax rate and I will tell you yours: analysis of referential competition in property taxes in Extremadura’s municipalities (Spain)”/ José Manuel Cordero Ferrera, Francisco Pedraja Chaparro, Julián Ramajo Hernández y Javier Suárez Pandiello.
  10. “Fiscal exchange and tax compliance. Experimental evidence from Argentina”/ Huáscar Eguino y Simeon Schächtele.
  11. “Base-ground contributions and performance of real estate markets in Colombian cities”/ Néstor Garza y Hillsy Dominguez.
  12. “Digitalization Challenges and Opportunities for Subnational Governance”/ Luiz De Mello y Teresa Ter-Minassian.
  13.  “Fiscal impulses and their effects on subnational economic growth: the relevance of municipal fiscal multipliers for Bolivia”/ Omar Velasco.
  14.  “Municipal finances in Mexico. Why do some municipalities collect more and spend better? Preliminary findings”/ Mónica Unda.
  15.  “The effect of labor turnover on the performance of local governments in the main cities of Peru”/ Katherine Gutiérrez Abanto, William Fernández Tinoco y Rodrigo Chang Huaita.
  16. “Public employment determinants in Argentinian provinces”/ Marcelo Capello, Lucía Iglesias y David Giuliodori.
  17. “Decision room. The capacity of subnational governments to address the pandemic in Colombia”/ Manuel Gómez Gonzáles.

“Presentation of a publication in honor of Luiz Villela” / Marcelo Capello, Juan Pablo Jiménez, Huáscar Eguino, Vito Tanzi y  Alberto Porto.  


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VIII Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Mexico City, Mexico, October 1 and 2, 2019

  1. Political competence and performance in Mexican municipalities/ César Velázquez Guadarrama
  2. Political competition and fiscal performance: evidence from colombian municipalities/ Sandra Daniela Ariza y Germán Augusto Tabares
  3. Evaluation of efficiency at the local level: a review/ María A. García Valiñas & Javier Suárez Pandiello
  4. Fiscal Federalism and Regional Disparities: Evidence from Mexico/ Sonia Arauj, David Bartolini & Agustin Redonda
  5. Fiscal decentralization and subnational budgetary political cycles in Peru/ Gonzalo Neyra Aráoz
  6. Public investment determinants in Argentinian provinces/ Marcelo Capello, Lucía Iglesias & Rocío Cerino. 
  7. Oil booms and subnational public investment: a case-study for Colombia/ Lucas Marín Llanes
  8. Rethinking property tax in Latin America: revenue potential, political resistance and reform options/ Ehtisham Ahmad, Juan Pablo Jiménez & Giorgio Brosio  . 
  9. Modernization of the transfer system in Uruguay/ Axel Radics & Hernán Viscarra
  10. Testing regional intergovernmental transfers effects in Uruguay/ Leonel Muinelo Gallo
  11. Fiscal Sustainability and Intergovernmental Transfers: Evidence from Brazilian States/ Leandro Mendes Barbosa 
  12. Fiscal Sustainability of Mexican Debt Decisions: Is Bad Behavior Rewarded?/ Carmina J. Quiroga &
    Dr. Heidi Jane Smith
  13. Together or apart towards development? Open government and state capacity development in local governments in Peru 2011-2014/ Diego Aguilar
  14. Constraints on the adoption of incentives to businesses in Brazilian municipalities/ Luis Guilherme Alho Batista
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VII Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española Cartagena de Indias, September 5 and 6, 2018

  1. An expanded role for property taxation in Latin America. Adopting a simplified tax structure and digital technology / G Brosio.
  2. To what extent could greater fiscal effort on the real estate taxes and value capture help finance infrastructure in Brazilian municipalities? / M and D Vetter.
  3. Tourist rate: an expanding tribute / L Caramés.
  4. Does the decentralization of natural resources revenue displace local tax revenue? Evidence from local governments in Peru / Neyra Araoz.
  5. Public investment in Argentinian provinces: How efficiently is it managed? / M Capello y H. Eguino.
  6. Education and Decentralization in Chile. A multilevel analysis / L Letelier.
  7. Measuring the Quality of Public Investment Management: Case Study of a Colombian Oil-Rich Municipality / JD Gutiérrez Rodríguez.
  8. Over indebted Subnational Mexico: Does political polarization affect debt policy decisions? / HJ Smith
  9. A sustentabilidade fiscal dos estados brasileiros: analise recente e notas para o futuro / G Tinoco de Lima Horta.
  10. The monetary incentive scheme and the side effects of local finance management: the case of the property tax / S Huanqui.
  11. Disentangling the distributive impact of fiscal policy / A.
  12. Mayor-Council relations and fiscal performance: Evidence from local governments in Colombia / Gélvez
  13. Impact Assessment of Scenarios of Interregional Transfers in Colombia / Haddad,
  14. Impacto fiscal subnacional y de equidad territorial del sistema de transferencias provenientes de recursos no renovables en Ecuador / MD Almeida
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VII Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Córdoba, Argentina, September 18 and 19, 2017

  1. Fiscal decentralization in municipalities of Central America/ Porto, Eguino y Rosales.
  2. Impact of the technical capacity of municipal administrations on debt and financial indicators in Peru’s Municipalities /Casas Tragodara, C.
  3. Increasing Decision Making Capacities of Local Governments: Mexico’s Quest for Economic Growth. For the project on Strengthening Sub Sovereign Debt Frameworks: The case of the Institutionally weak Municipal Mexico/ Smith, H.J.
  4. Conditional cash transfers and the reduction of regional disparities in Argentina/ Rossignolo, D.
  5. Analyzing the impact of fiscal policy on personal and regional inequalities: the case of Mexico/ Brosio, Jiménez y Ruelas Ávila.
  6. Risks to public debt sustainability in Autonomous Territorial Entities in Bolivia/ Aguirre Tarquino y Fushimoto Arias.
  7. Is real estate tax affecting house prices in Bogota? An analysis based on spatial econometrics/ Lozano y Ricciulli.
  8. Determinants of municipal tax collection/ Yepes Salazar y De los Ríos Silva.
  9. Analysis of intergovernmental Transfers to municipalities in Colombia (2000-2015): Fiscal impact, progressiveness and allocation criteria/Zapata Giraldo y Núñez.
  10. Assessment of the impact of the implementation of an administration improvement program in the Province of Cordoba/ Camilo Caro, Giordano y Sonnenberg Palmieri.
  11. Local public management models for the 21st Century: between the demographic crisis and E-Administration/ Cadaval, M.
  12. Determinants of party and mayor reelection in local governments: An empirical examination for Argentina during 1983-2011/ Freille, S.
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V Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Santiago de Compostela, Spain, October 5 and 6, 2016

  1. Subcentral public expenditure in Europe. The landscape after the crisis / Caramés
  2. Reviewing the link between personal and territorial inequalities in a decentralized system / Brosio y Jiménez
  3. The territorial tax gap in Colombia / Bonet y Ayala
  4. Geography of inequalities in personal distribution of income per province and the impact of fiscal policies Argentina 1995-2010 / Cont y Porto
  5. The intergovernmental transfer system and the price volatility of non-renewable resources in Ecuador / Dolores Almeida
  6. Revenue potential of the property tax in Argentina: a proposal based on fiscal policy design / Fortes
  7. Efficiency and quality of the Brazilian states’ contracting of investments in infrastructure: setbacks, achievements and prospects / Carvalho
  8. Fiscal Decentralization and Life Satisfaction in Chile. A municipal multinivel analysis / Letelier
  9. A subnational resource curse? Revenue Windfalls and the Quality of Public Spending in Colombian municipalities / Tolsa Caballero &Ardanaz
  10. On the effects of decentralization of Natural Resource Revenues on local service provision in Peru / Neyra
  11. Measuring efficiency of Catalan municipalities after the crisis / Cordero Ferrera, Díaz Caro, y Polo Fernández
  12. A measure of public expenditure efficiency in Argentinian provinces / Barraud.

IV Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Santiago de Chile, Chile, September 1 and 2, 2015

  1. Equalization grants and asymmetric sharing of natural resources: options for Latin America/ Giorgo Brosio (UNITO) y Juan Pablo Jimenez (CEPAL)
  2. Similar opportunities for different subnational governments – Equalization transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean/ Andrés Muñoz y Axel Radics (BID)
  3. Fiscal needs at the regional level and improvement options for the distribution of intergovernmental transfers in Peru/ Gonzalo Neyra Araoz (Universidad Esan, Peru)
  4. Transfer and fiscal leveling system. International comparison/ Marcelo Luis Capello (IERAL)
  5. Determination of tax efforts in Argentinian provinces: the case of the income tax/ Darío Rossignolo (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  6. A Mariachi Medley: Mexico’s Long Road to Fiscal Federalism Reform/ Emilio Pineda (BID)
  7. Fiscal decentralization and efficiency. A case study (Bolivia)/ Alberto Porto, Walter Rosales y Marcelo Garriga (Universidad Nacional de la Plata).
  8. Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Regional-Level Panel Data for Colombia/ Ignacio Lozano (Banco de la República) y Juan Manuel Julio (Banco de la República).
  9. Economic crisis and intergovernmental transfers to Spanish municipalities: management problems and simulation of alternatives/ Javier Suarez Pandiello (Universidad de Oviedo), Francisco Pedraja Chaparro y Alfonso Utrilla de la Hoz.
  10. Enhancing incentives for local service delivery—options to reform the FCM on an equalization basis in Chile/ Leonardo Letelier (Universidad de Chile), Ehtisham Ahmad (LSE) y Hector Ormeño.
  11. The impact of national government budget transfers on Argentinian provinces/ Juan Carro (Coordinador de Estudios Fiscales en Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas Públicas de la Nación)
  12. External control in subcentral governments: a neo-institutional view/ Luis Caramés Viétiez y María Cadaval Sampedro (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
  13. Can education targets be met without increasing public spending? An analysis for Brazilian municipalities / Plínio Portela de Oliveira, Fabiana Rocha; Sérgio Ricardo de Brito Gadelha, Janete Duarte (Universidade de São Paulo)
  14. Tax revenue gap and expenditure productivity in Mexican municipalities, 1989-2014/ Gabriel Farfán Mares (Univ. Iberoamericana México DF)

III Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 13 and 14, 2014

  1. The difficulties of municipal funding through the urban property tax in Brazil/ José Roberto Afonso y Cleber Pacheco de Castro (Fundación Getulio Vargas)
  2. Does the joint determination of taxes and benefits at the sub-national level help to reduce informality? Examples from Latin America/ Ehtisham Ahmad (LSE), GiorgoBrosio (UNITO) y Juan Pablo Jimenez (CEPAL)
  3. Local Property Taxation and Benefits in Developing Countries–Overcoming Political Resistance/ Ehtisham Ahmad (LSE), GiorgoBrosio (UNITO) y Caroline Pöschl (LSE)
  4. Public expenditure analysis: an evaluation methodology to measure the efficiency of spending on education in Brazilian states/ Rogério Boueri Miranda (IPEA), Maria Cristina Mac Dowell (BID), Emilio Pineda (BID) y Fabiano Bastos (BID/FMI).
  5. Enrollment and quality levels of Colombia’s public basic education: Has fiscal decentralization improvedt hem/ Ignacio Lozano (Banco de la República) y María Adelaide Martinez (Banco de la República).
  6. Regional Inequalities, Fiscal Decentralization and Government Quality: Empirical Evidence from Simultaneous Equations/ Andreas Kyriacou (UniversitatGirona), Leonel Muinelo-Gallo (Universidad de la República) y Oriol Sagalés-Roca (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).
  7. Economic and political determinants in the territorial distribution of expenditure, resources, transfers and fiscal residue in Argentina/ Alberto Porto, Walter Cont y Pedro Juarros (Universidad Nacional de la Plata).
  8. Technical and Political determinants of sub national investment in Chile/ Leonardo Letelier (Universidad de Chile) y Javier Suarez Pandiello (Universidad de Oviedo).
  9. Socioeconomic vulnerabilities in Brazilian municipalities: an analysis of populous municipalities with low per capita income/ Alexandre Sobreira Cialdini (Secretario de Finanzas de São Bernardo do Campo), Sérgio Ribeiro (Alcalde de Carapicuíba y Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo) y Gilberto Perre (Secretario Ejecutivodel Frente Nacional de Alcaldes).
  10. A Fiscal Need Approachto sub national Fiscal Equalization/ Leonardo Letelier (Universidad de Chile) y M. L. Meza (Universidad de los Lagos)
  11. Vertical tax competition: an empiric estimation of excise taxes in Argentina/ Dario Rossignolo (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  12. The reform of the local administration: a constant search for efficient management/ Luis Caramés Viétiez y María Cadaval Sampedro (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
  13. The General System of Royalties in Colombia/ Jaime Bonet y Joaquín Urrego (Centro de Estudios Económicos Regionales, Banco de la República – Colombia).

II Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing
La Plata, Argentina, July 2 and 3, 2013

  1. Crisis and reform: an opportunity for fiscal federalism in Europe? / Luis Caramés y María Cadaval (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
  2. Globalization and decentralization. The role of local governments in the new international context/ Alberto Porto, Natalia Porto y Darío Tortarolo (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
  3. More income for local development in Latin America/Vicente Fretes Cibils (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo)
  4. Fiscal Space of BrazilianStates/Fabiano Bastos y Emilio Pineda (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo)
  5. 1993-2010 municipal finances in the context of Argentinian Fiscal Federalism/ Marcelo Capello (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba e Instituto de Estudios sobre la Realidad Argentina y Latinoamericana de la Fundación Mediterránea, Córdoba), Gustavo Diarte (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba e Instituto de Estudios sobre la Realidad Argentina y Latinoamericana de la Fundación Mediterránea, Córdoba) y Sebastián Freille (Universidad Católica de Córdoba)
  6. Fiscal decentralization, government quality, and regional disparities in Uruguay/ Leonel Muinelo-Gallo, Adrián Rodríguez Miranda y José Raúl Rodríguez Pinho (Instituto de Economía de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administración, Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
  7. Comparison of local funding systems and the development of the economic and financial autonomy of local governments in Cordoba/ Ernesto Rezk y María Amelia Abraham (Instituto de Economía y Finanzas, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
  8. Yardstick Competition among Portuguese Municipalities: The Case of Urban Property Tax (IMI)/ José Silva Costa y Armindo Carvalho (Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal).
  9. General transfers in Spanish municipalities: progression rules and effects on local finance sustainability/ José M. Cordero Ferrara (Universidad de Extremadura, F. Pedraja Chaparro (Universidad de Extremadura) y A. Utrilla de la Hoz (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  10. Outcomes of prívate sector involvment in waterservices: theoretical foundations and evidence/ María García Valiñas (Universidad de Oviedo), Francisco González Gómez (Universidad de Granada), Nicolás Melissas (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) y Javier Suárez Pandiello (Universidad de Oviedo)
  11. Education and Decentralization – The case of Chilean Municipal Schools/ Leonardo Letelier y Héctor Ormeño (Instituto de Asuntos Públicos, Universidad de Chile)
  12. Deterrence and reciprocity effects on tax compliance: experimental evidence from Venezuela/ Daniel Ortega (Corporación Andina de Fomento e Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Venezuela) y Pablo Sanguinetti (Corporación Andina de Fomento y Universidad Torcuato Di Tella).
  13. Are vertical transfers deteriorating sub-national governments revenue effort? / Daniel Artana, S. Auguste, M. Cristini, C. Moskovits and I.Templado (Fundación Investigaciones Económicas Latinoamericanas).

I Ibero-American Conference on Local Financing.
Toledo, Spain, November 2011.

  1. Funding of subnational governments in Latin America: a case study/ Juan Carlos Gómez Sabatini y Juan Pablo Jiménez.
  2. The local funding experience in South American countries/ Alberto Porto.
  3. Financial and fiscal aspects of local cooperation in Europe/ Luis Caramés Viéitez y María Cadaval Sampedro.
  4. Breaking Way: The Political Economy of Municipal Fiscal Decentralization in Bolivia/ Jonas Frank.
  5. Fiscal federalism in Mexico: its distortions and structural traps/ Enrique Cabrero Mendoza.
  6. Transfers, political free-riding and elections: An application to Argentine local elections/ Sebastian Freille y Marcelo Capello
  7. Politics and finance in Spanish municipalities/ Nuria Bosch, Pilar Sorribas y Javier Suárez Pandiello
  8. Funding of local expenditure in Colombia: an analysis based on the 1991 constitution/ Ignacio Lozano y Paula Beltrán
  9. Mutual teachings on local financing and decentralization in Colombia and Spain/ Roberto Fernandez y César A. Corredor.
  10. The Political Economy of national to sub national governments grants in Chile/ Leonardo Letelier S.1 and Javier Suarez Pandiello
  11. Alternatives for the reform of the system of unconditional transfers to Spain’s municipalities/ Francisco Pedraja Chaparro y José Manuel Cordero Ferrera.
  12. The funding of Argentinian local governments / Ernesto Rezk, Vanina Ricca y Ginette Lafit.
  13. Is There Yardstick Competition among Portuguese Municipalities? /José Silva Costa, Armindo Carvalho and Maria Luísa Coimbra.
  14. Tax collection in developing countries – New evidence on semi-autonomous revenue agencies (SARAs)/ Christian von Haldenwang, Armin von Schiller, Melody Garcia y Sergio Gemperle.